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List of science - fiction authors - Wikipedia Also invaluable are "The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction" (2nd. These copies are in Good condition. Bunch, (1925-2000 Anthony Burgess, (1917-1993 Edgar Rice Burroughs, (1875-1950 Michael. Listed among the best science-fiction authors are some of the most well-known, popular sci-di authors ever, including a few that may not always show up on a 'best of' list.
He wrote mainstream fiction under the name Iain Banks, and science fiction as Iain. Hoffman, (1776-1822 Lee Hoffman, (born 1932. This list of the best sci-fi authors includes some of the best horror writers and the best fantasy authors, but since the genres elements all go together nicely, it's to be expected. Sherred, (1915-1985 Lewis Shiner, (born 1950 Sharon Shinn, (born 1957 Wilmar. He is perhaps most famous for.more,. Wagner, (born 1960 Howard Waldrop, (born 1946. Neil Smith, (born 1946 Melinda Snodgrass, (born 1951 Jerry Sohl, (1913-2002 Martha Soukup: Norman Spinrad, (born 1940 Nancy Springer, (born 1948 Margaret.

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List of the Greatest, sci, fi, writers Meek, (1894-1972 Richard. Larson, (born 1937 Kurd Lasswitz, (1848-1910 Keith Laumer, (1925-1993 Stephen. Robinson's work has been labeled by reviewers as "the gold-standard of realistic, and highly.more Dan Simmons Carrion Comfort, Hyperion, The Fall of Hyperion Dan Simmons is an American science fiction and horror writer and author of the Hugo Award-winning science fiction series, the Hyperion Cantos.
Offutt (born 1937 Chad Oliver (1928-1993 Jerry Oltion (born 1957 John Ostrander (born 1949 Jerry Ordway (born 1957 Marek Oramus (born 1952 Rebecca Ore (born 1948 George Orwell, (1903-1950) (pseudonym of Eric Arthur Blair) P : David. Foster, (born 1939 Karen Joy Fowler, (born 1950 Randall Frakes i?Randall_Frakes isfdb : Herbert. Banks, including the initial of his adopted middle name Menzies. Gwynplaine MacIntyre, (born. Photo Credit: Alchetron, want more stories about your favorite female sci-fi and fantasy authors? His notable works include the comic book series The Sandman and.more randomjane added David Brin Startide Rising, The Transparent Society, The Uplift War Glen David Brin is an American scientist and award-winning author of science fiction. Gunn, (born 1923) H :. Often called the "dean of science fiction writers he was an influential and controversial author of the genre in his.more. Anderson, (born 1962 Poul Anderson, (1926-2001 Christopher Andrews, (born 1970 Patricia Anthony, (born 1947 Piers Anthony, (born 1934 Christopher Anvil, (born 1922) (pseudonym of Harry.

Listed among the best science -fiction authors are some of the most well-known, popular sci -di authors ever, including a few that may not always show up on a 'best of' list. The best science fiction authors are often described as some of the most creative minds in the world. List of science -fiction authors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Top 10 Iconic Figures in Sci -Fi Literature.

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Science fiction authors - Wikipedia Geston, (born 1946 Edward Gibson, (born 1936 Gary Gibson: William Gibson, (born 1948 Alexis. She was Del, born of ice and storm, trained by the greatest. C : Pat Cadigan, (born 1953 Jack Cady, (1932-2004 Martin Caidin, (1927-1997 John. They have normal use wear, and page yellowing consistent with each book's age.
Buy It Now, free Shipping, isaac Asimov. Simak, (1904-1988 Dan Simmons, (born 1948 Johanna Sinisalo, (born 1958 Curt Siodmak, (1902-2000 Kenji Siratori, (born 1975 John Sladek, (1937-2000 William Sleator, (born 1945 Joan Slonczewski, (born 1956 Clark Ashton Smith, (1893-1961 Cordwainer Smith, (1913-1966) (pseudonym of Paul.A. THE tides OF kregen. News of today's rising stars among Science Fiction authors. A really nice collection of books. Attanasio, (born 1951 Margaret Atwood, science fiction authors (born 1939 Ayerdhal, (born 1959).

The Craft of Science Fiction. Yahoo's Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors links page certainly does not list every web site devoted to individual SF/F authors. If youre a fan of science fiction, then its unlikely you havent heard of this influential authorwhos also won multiple Hugo and Nebula awards.

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Science, fiction, authors - Criteria Indicating Fame THE immortal OF world'S END. Though most of his work has been published under the name Jack Vance, he also wrote 11 mystery.more freelancerrh added. Taylor, (born 1968 William Tenn, (born 1920) (pseudonym of Philip Klass Steve Rasnic Tem, (born 1950 William.
Hunters OF THE RED moon. Rosny, (joint pseudonym for Joseph (1856-1940) and Sraphin (1859-1948) Boex Milton. Banks, (1918-1996 no WP entry yet.: Marek Baraniecki, (born 1954 Miquel Barcel, (born 1948 Ren Barjavel, (1911-1985 Arthur. Stith, (born 1947. Coblentz, (1896-1982 Theodore Cogswell, science fiction authors (1918-1987 David. He may be known best as the author of I Am Legend, a 1954 horror.more Brian Aldiss Life in the West, Brothers of the Head, Trillion Year Spree Brian Wilson Aldiss, OBE is an English writer and anthologies editor, best known for science fiction novels. Vote for your favorite sci-fi authors here and add your own personal faves if you don't see them listed! Brightness Falls from the Air, james Tiptree.

Black science fiction List of Black Actors in Science Fiction Film and TV If you add any authors to this list, please also consider adding them to the A-Z list of authors. One of the most prolific authors to have ever existed, regardless of genre, Isaac Asimov is universally acknowledged as science fictions greatest contributor. Lot of 16 Science Fiction Paperback Novels - Various authors. Books range from Like New to Good condition with minimal to minor wear; pages are generally in Like New/Very Good condition. The latest Tweets from Sci -Fi Authors SciFi _authors).



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